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Warm Up at Seattle’s Top Hot Chocolate Cafés

Take the chill off your family escapades with a decadent cup of cocoa

Madison Miller

Published on: November 28, 2023

two young girls drinking hot chocolate from a big red mug

It’s officially the cozy season here in the Pacific Northwest, and we’re looking forward to donning our coats and boots for family outings to ice skating rinks, invigorating hikes and other local adventures. But what better way to finish a day of chilly escapades than to sip a steaming cup of velvety hot cocoa? Load up the car and treat the family to a cup from one of the city’s best spots.


Rey Amargo Chocolate Shop

Hailed as one of the state’s best chocolate shops, Rey Amargo specializes in making all-natural chocolates with 100 percent Mexican cacao. The result? Beautiful, sweet chocolate with a little kick. Its hot cocoa is no exception, and there’s plenty of variety, with more than 15 different hot cocoa drinks to choose from.
Find it: 722 E. Pike St., Seattle

Hot chocolate from Rey Amargo Chocolate Shop in Seattle
Photo credit: Rey Amargo Chocolate Shop ​​​​​

Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery

Hot cocoa and molten cakes? Yes, please. Double up on the chocolate at Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery. Turn up the heat with a spicy hot chocolate or keep it mild and creamy.
Find it: 5427 Ballard Ave. N.W. or 1650 E. Olive Way, Seattle

Chocolat Vitale

Sipping Chocolat Vitale’s traditional European drinking chocolate is an unforgettable experience. The decadent drinking chocolate is concocted from a blend of pure Swiss and Belgian chocolate. No cocoa powder here — it’s made from 100 percent pure chocolate.
Find it: 6257 3rd Ave. N.W., Seattle

Indi Chocolate

A chocolate oasis awaits at Pike Place Market. Satisfy your chocolate cravings with a cup of Indi’s single-origin drinking chocolate. Or, for the ultimate chocolate experience, try the ultrarich sipping chocolate. Filled with an entire bar’s worth of chocolate, it offers a thicker texture than traditional hot chocolate.
Find it: 1901 Western Ave., Ste. D, Seattle


Staying true to the drinking chocolate theme, the popular Chocolati doesn’t make its hot cocoa with water or milk. This omission allows for a thick and velvety blend. As if it wasn’t delicious enough, you can have your cup flavored with lavender, raspberry, Irish cream, peanut butter, peppermint, cayenne and more.
Find it: Multiple locations — Green Lake, Greenwood, Wallingford, the downtown library and a factory outlet

Caffè Umbria

Enjoy your hot cocoa Italian style at Caffè Umbria. The thick, spoonable chocolate is served with a generous dollop of whipped cream. Be sure to try its delicious Italian-inspired baked goods and lunch bites, too.
Find it: Multiple locations — Pioneer Square, Westlake, Olive Way and Ballard

Fran’s Chocolates

With four Fran’s boutiques to choose from, you’re bound to experience excellent hot chocolate close to home. While perusing the decadent chocolate displays and flavors, be sure to try the dark hot sipping chocolate. Each cup comes with a perfect dollop of whipped cream and a bonus chocolate square.
Find it: Multiple locations — downtown Seattle, University Village, Georgetown and Bellevue

Eastside and South Sound

Bellden Cafe

Come for the hot cocoa, stay for the mission. Bellevue’s Bellden Cafe serves delicious breakfast and lunch items, coffee, pastries and, of course, hot cocoa. Its mission? Bellden partners with nonprofit organizations, creating signature drinks to highlight different organizations and donating a portion of the profits from the sale of each drink.
Find it: 10527 Main St., Bellevue

Frosty Barrel

Curious combinations await at this Newcastle ice cream bar and café. Order the tried-and-true flavors or take a leap and try something new; haystack butterscotch and balsamic strawberry are just two examples of its many ice cream offerings. As far as hot cocoa, both kids and parents can enjoy the tasty treat, and they have a whole list of tipsy hot chocolates to choose from.
Find it: 13197 Newcastle Commons Dr., Newcastle

Three hot chocolates from Frosty Barrel in Newcastle
Photo credit: Frosty Barrel

Dilettante Mocha Café

Decisions, decisions, decisions. With six choices of chocolate — extra dark, Mexicano, dark, Ephemere dark, milk and white — there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Melting pots are behind the counter, and each cup of hot cocoa is melted down to liquid perfection.
Find it: Seattle, Bellevue, Kent and Sea-Tac International Airport

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