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Best Candy Stores Around Seattle, Bellevue and the Eastside

Marvel at the amazing sweet treats at these quality shops

Kate Missine

Published on: September 26, 2019

Candy Mache store

Top-shelf candy stores for your sweetest kids

These days, we may constantly be on the lookout for healthy treats and low-sugar choices for our little ones. But whether it’s the rainbow of bright colors, the shiny wrappers or the mouthwatering flavors, there is just something delightfully magical about a sweet piece of candy. That magic enraptures kiddos and even entices many grown-ups.

We’ve taken on the tough job of scouring the local sugar scene: from picking up a special treat to rare treasures, from handmade confections to gorgeous candy art. A visit to any one of these scrumptious shops is bound to tempt your whole crew's sweet tooth, widen eyes with excitement and bring out the inner kid-in-a-candy-store in all of us.

Use the arrows above the image or click the link below to see all the sweet treat shops.

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