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6 Hotels With Swimming Pools for Seattle-Area Families

Make a splash with a nearby winter getaway

Lauren Braden

Published on: February 14, 2020


Take a dip

Seasoned parents know this travel tip well: Got an unexpected rainy day while on your vacation? Pull out those swimsuits and hit the hotel’s indoor pool. But here’s a radical idea: What if the steamy hotel pool is the destination? 

When it comes to kids, not all hotel pools are created equal. Some inns boast intimate, kidney-shaped lagoons for couples; others, narrow lap pools popular with business travelers — we didn’t include those. All of these hotel options have kid-friendly pools where children are welcome (though a few pools may have restricted hours; check when you book). 

A few tips: If you plan to swim multiple times a day, pack an extra suit so you don't have to shimmy back into the cold damp suit you swam in earlier in the day. Bring your own beach towels if having nice big towels is important to you. And hotel pools rarely have lifeguards on duty (even less so in the off-season), so keep a close eye on the kids while they swim and splash. Most importantly — have fun!

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