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Best Outings for Seattle-Area Kids With Sensory Needs or Disabilities

Explore accessible adventurous playgrounds, sensory-friendly museums and more

Lauren Braden

Published on: October 17, 2022


Indoor and outdoor outings your child will love

If you have a child with sensory needs, you know those needs extend beyond the controlled confines of your home and child’s school. Everyday trips to the grocery store and neighborhood park may carry extra challenges. Visiting a busy museum can quickly overwhelm a child with sensory issues, and a typical playground might be useless to a kid who gets around with the assistance of a wheelchair.

I’ve been there, and as a parent of a child with an autism spectrum disorder, I feel strongly that kids with disabilities deserve more options when it comes to fun outings. 

Fortunately, the number of destinations catering to the unique needs of our families is growing all of the time! We’ve gathered several indoor and outdoor outings in the Greater Seattle area that accommodate and even cater to children with sensory needs and their families.

First up: Exploration for All at Pacific Science Center

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