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How much baby stuff do you really need?

Published on: December 30, 2013

OK, listen: I'm green, but I ain't granola. When it comes to mothering, I keep it simple: Organic=yes (unless it's too expensive). Lawn chemicals=no (no way, no how).

I don't microwave plastic, don't buy "snack size" pre-packaged things, don't leave the lights on or the water running.

But Kraft Macaroni & (processed) Cheese? Only if it's Tuesday. Bring my own cup to Starbucks? As if. I put my Uggs on one foot at a time, just like Paris Hilton.

Still, thinking about all the useless crap I've bought my kids over the years just makes me sick. I went into parenting - twelve years ago! - without ever questioning that I would happily become a mega-baby-stuff consumer. Things were bought, lots of things. I look back on it now and wish I'd banked even half of the money I spent on Euro-clothes, cranium-boosting floor mats and mobiles that moo.

So when our faulous Tera Schreiber - former director of Great Starts and brand-new Gold Award winner for her excellent writing - when Tera pitched this story to me, I was all over it like urp on Armani:

How much baby stuff do you really need? Do you really need a stroller? A crib? Baby food? If you ask Tera, you don't even need diapers!

I just came back from proofing our beautiful, bouncing BabyMap - I love this issue! Read Tera's cool "no-waste nursery" story, and find out why multi-tasking is BAD NEWS! It's hitting the stands April 30 - check it out!

Power to the eco!

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