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7 Ways You Can Support Gun Safety in Washington State

The Alliance for Gun Responsibility is now collecting signatures for I-1639

Published on: June 06, 2018

kids protesting gun violence wear orange day

In late May, members of the Alliance for Gun Responsibility began their campaign to make serious changes to Washington state's gun laws. Now, they're taking it to the streets.

The nonprofit's goal for November 2018: Get Initiative 1639 on the ballot.

If made into law, I-1639 would, among other changes, raise the minimum age to purchase a semi-automatic rifle to 21, create an enhanced background check system, require completion of a firearm safety training course and create standards for the secure storage of guns.

But first, I-1639 has to get on the November ballot. And in order to do that, the Alliance must collect nearly 300,000 signatures. The push to collect those signatures began today, June 6.

Want to help? Here are seven ideas on how:

If you are a registered voter in Washington, sign a petition for I-1639. You can get petitions here or look for volunteers out gathering signatures in your neighborhood, festivals and at farmers markets. (Unfortunately, the signatures must be collected the old-fashioned way, a.k.a. there's no digital petition to sign.)

Sign-up to help gather signatures in your community. You can take home a few petitions to circulate among your friends, family and neighbors.

Help with petition pick-up and drop off and other behind-the-scenes duties. Sign up to volunteer.

Help spread the word. Start conversations about gun violence prevention and I-1639 with friends and family.

Get educated on the issue. The world always needs more gun responsibility advocates. (A good place to start: ParentMap's top resources to protect kids and families from gun violence in Washington state.)

Support candidates running on gun violence prevention this summer and vote for them this fall. Learn more about the candidates. 

Encourage teens in your life to register to vote. Learn how to register to vote.

What more can you do?

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