Kid lit and a céilidh

Published on: December 30, 2013

Lois Lowry's in town for a Seattle Arts and Lectures event today. She'll be talking about her latest books, Gooney the Fabulous and The Willoughbys, and taking questions from kids in the audience. (And if the name rings a bell but you can't quite place it, think The Giver, the Newbery Award-winning science fiction novel for kids that will, at some point, be released in movie form.) Don't miss a chance to hear one of the biggest stars in children's literature -- tickets are available at the door.

(A handful of us had lunch with her yesterday at Cafe Campagne. Between sips of champagne and bites of pear clafouti -- I can't be the only who rolled out of there so full that I didn't eat for the rest of the day -- independent bookstore staff members, library folks and the executive director of Seattle Arts and Lectures, Linda Bowers, traded stories and talked shop and enjoyed the type of multiple-hour lunch break that most of us never have time to indulge in anymore.)

If you're casting about for something to do tonight, head to the New Everett Theatre for a bit o' Irish music and dance. Teach the kids to pronounce "céilidh" and then show them what it's all about.

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