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Kids: Earn Free Pizza at Pizza Hut for Reading This Summer

Book It! program offers free personal pizza to kids who log their summer reading

Nancy Chaney

Published on: May 24, 2021

pizza hut personal pan pizza can be earned by kids for summer reading book it program
Pizza Hut's Book It program offers a free personal-size pizza to kids who complete a reading log

Will your kids read for pizza? If your crew needs a little enticement to keep up their reading this summer, Pizza Hut's Book It! reading program offers a tasty reward. Some parents may remember reading for pizza back in the 1990s.

Through the updated edition of the Book It! program, kids in pre-kindergarten through sixth grade can earn a free personal-size pizza for reading, one pizza each month in June, July and August. Woo-hoo!

Basically, it works like this: Parents enroll in the online program, kids read, parents log their kids' reading progress, and once kids meet their goals, they get a certificate for a free pizza.

Ready to get started? Here is the detailed step-by-step:

Go to the enrollment page and mark that you're the parent of a Pre-K–grade 6 student. Enter your name and email, then enter the code emailed to you. Note: You do have to include your address, your kids' names, schools and grade levels, and a few other details in order to set up an account.

Next, get your kids reading! (Every local library branch has lots of book recommendations  and free e-books.) The Book It! program's Facebook page also offers suggestions and spotlights different authors.

The suggested reading goal for kids is 20 minutes per day, five days per week. But you log their reading progress in the Book It! online dashboard yourself; the program works on the honor system. Kids can help by using a tracker if they'd like. Once your child has completed a month of reading, you "redeem" their completed goal for a coupon for the free personal-size pizza.

There are oodles of Pizza Hut locations around the Puget Sound region and across Washington. Find a complete list on the website. We weren't able to confirm that every single Pizza Hut branch accepts the coupon; you might want to call ahead to the location near you if you want to be certain.

Happy reading and pizza-eating!

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