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How to Make Your Pantry Look Just as Organized as These 9 Examples

Straighten up your kitchen with these stylish (and practical) ideas

Published on: May 16, 2016

Having a beautiful and organized pantry can make meal preparation so much easier. No longer lose cans of food in the depths of an unorganized pantry; rather, open the door on a newly organized area and you might just save on your grocery bill. The following nine beautiful pantries offer an array of organizational tips and design inspiration.

Photo credit: Polished Habitat

Polished pantry

Melissa of Polished Habitat created a showstopper of a pantry with her re-do. She added a chalkboard wall, tile, gold accents and handy containers for a delightfully tidy pantry. The beautifully labeled jars make meal preparation easy while the chalkboard art of a pig adds a touch of whimsy.

Photo credit: The Handmade Home

Teal delight

Jamin and Ashley of The Handmade Home's before pantry might remind readers of their own dirty little secret in the kitchen. But with a little elbow grease, they created a jaw-droppingly lovely pantry with teal walls and white shelving. Pro tip: ParentMap readers get 15 percent off anything in their studio with the code parentmap15.

Photo credit: Boxwood Clippings

Crisp and clean

Sarah of Boxwood Clippings did her redo after a dreadful bug infestation. She cleared everything out and started over from scratch, turning her misfortune into a golden opportunity. Sarah's new pantry includes simple additions such as wrapping paper on the shelves and plastic bins. She also made use of the pantry doors, adding a notice board for all those important bits of loose paper.

Photo credit: Chez Larsson's

Small space pantry

Small space pantry owners will love Chez Larsson’s. She uses containers in multiple sizes to pack her tiny space, even removing food from its original packaging to squeeze out just a touch more storage. Note the use of clean, clear labels for containers.

Photo credit: A Beautiful Mess

Artistic flair

A Beautiful Mess knows how to showcase a beautiful pantry that is in no way a mess. The hand lettering on Elsie’s pull-out drawers adds an artistic flair with an organizational vibe. Labeling the drawers helps people unfamiliar with the kitchen find snacks, sweets or savory items — one tip that can and should be used in almost any pantry.

Photo credit: Just a Girl and Her Blog

Closet hack

Abby of Just a Girl and Her Blog took a closet and made it into the perfect kitchen pantry with a little help from IKEA. She was even able to find a home for her vacuum while keeping her food organized. Additionally, Abby's use of containers featured some top-notch labeling.

Photo credit: The Social Home

Dollar store genius

Jen from The Social Home took her ordinary pantry to Pinterest perfect with sweet labels and inexpensive containers (from the dollar store!) and sweet labels. 

Photo credit: Classy Clutter

Graphic prints

This pantry from Classy Clutter catches the eye with its bright wallpaper and crisp shelves. Containers really up the game and transform a cluttered area into a showroom. The deep baskets are great for hiding irregularly sized packages and cans while keeping everything neat and tidy.

Photo credit: iHeartOrganizing

Compact design

iHeartOrganizing took a well-functioning pantry and made it magazine worthy. Lining the wire shelves with foam board and contact paper added a pop of color and a bit more functionality. The door organizer also means more space for storage and small food items.

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