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Choo-Choo! 10 Train Adventures for Seattle-Area Kids and Families

Free mini train rides, historic excursions, urban rail adventures and more

Nancy Chaney

Published on: June 01, 2023

Choo-Choo! 10 Train Adventures for Seattle-Area Kids and Families

Seattle street car
Catch a ride on a Seattle streetcar

6. Seattle Streetcar

Hit the urban rails and explore one of Seattle’s glossiest neighborhoods by riding the Seattle Streetcar between South Lake Union and Westlake Center. (Ride the Monorail, too, for double the fun!) Streetcars sport bright colors and a nifty chime that kids can appreciate.

The First Hill line connects Capitol Hill, First Hill, Chinatown-International District and Pioneer Square for more in-city adventures.

Getting there: Parking is tough in all the urban neighborhoods served by the Streetcar lines. Find a spot in a pay lot or on-street metered space, or walk or bus from deeper in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Ride and cost: The Streetcars generally run about every 15–20 minutes, early until late, six days a week; on Sundays, they operate with slightly shortened hours. Buy tickets on the platform or use your ORCA card. Youth riders who are 18 years-old and younger are free, adult tickets cost $2.25. 

To visit nearby: At Lake Union Park, visit MOHAI, wave at the float planes and boats, or stroll over to The Center for Wooden Boats, where you can sign up for a free rowboat rental. Here's a great outing idea: Ride the Streetcar to the I.D. for a tasty lunch with our guide to kid-friendly places to eat in the International District.

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