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DIY it or Buy it Father's Day Gifts

Great Father's Day Gift Ideas for Eight Kinds of Dads

For the Playful Dad

"Ask me about my T-rex" shirt

Some dads quietly read the newspaper while shushing their kids with a stern glance, but not this dad.  Playful dads crawl around on the floor making animal sounds while the kids scamper about between fits of giggles. 

"Buy it" Gift

Help the playful dad up his game with this "Ask me about my T-Rex" shirt, which transforms into a dinosaur face when pulled over his head. There are also the Sasquatch,  zombie and ninja versions. 

"DIY it" Gift

Shadow puppet dog

What better way to make the playful dad beam than with a shadow puppet show put on in his honor? A dark room, a flashlight and your hands are all that is needed, but kids can incorporate props, music and paper cutouts to make it more intricate. There are many free online tutorials for making different shadow puppet shapes. 

If shadow puppets are too intricate, A sock puppet show or even a show starring favorite stuffed animals are always an option as well. 

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