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Manipulative Parenting...or, how to trim kids' fingernails

Published on: December 30, 2013

Somehow, trimming the children’s fingernails has, in this family, fallen to me. Perhaps it’s because I’m with the littles 11.45 hours per day (but who’s counting?) Or perhaps it’s because I’m the one who notices they are sporting nails so scraggly and dirty they would make a werewolf shudder.

Clipping their nails has always been a struggle. Lately, my technique of choice has been to turn it into a game (because I am endlessly patient): I play one-stop beauty shop wherein each time a kid runs by me, I snatch a small hand and snip one small nail. Grooming this way takes time. Too much time.

A couple days ago, however, I discovered the power of Google images. I was trying to reason with my five-year-old, explain why it’s important that we trim him up lest he grow long, hideous nails that might hinder him actually using his hands.

“Let me show you,” I said. “What will happen if we never clip your fingernails.”

I Googled “Longest Fingernails in the World”. And, gah!

He took one look and whispered, “I want my nails trimmed now, mom.”

Heh heh. How I love the internet.

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