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'Military families' story touches a nerve

Published on: December 30, 2013

toc_military_imageTaking time out of a typically busy pre-holiday Sunday to share some of the feedback we've gotten here at ParentMap World Headquarters on our December cover story, "War Changes People." Reporter Linda Morgan's sensitive and thorough treatment of this oft-overlooked topic has been burning up the blog-o-sphere -- and garnering some heartfelt appreciation from local military and those who love them. To wit:

"Huge thanks and great job on the cover article on war's impact on military families. I'm not sure if you knew but my brother who's a Lt. Colonel in the army lives this life - two Iraq tours, headed to Afghanistan next -- it's brutal, terrifying for his kids, my parents, everyone. I appreciate your story as the headline is dead on, war does change people and it's so important to drive that home to people who may be unaware of these families' sacrifices." -- Hilary Benson, local mother and ParentMap contributing writer.

Posted by Laurel Corona  on the blog Xanthe's World:

"An excellent article appeared this week on the Parent Map website. In 'War Changes People,' author Linda Morgan discusses in detail the psychological toll faced by today’s military families...The lives of the other 98 percent of us are so different, it may be hard to understand who someone would choose such a difficult and dangerous way of life."

And posted on the Facebook page "Her War Her Choice":

"It isn't often that reporters take a long, deep look at our lives, from the fear and worry, to the divorce rate, to the pride we take in pushing on. Linda Morgan did a nice job capturing and hitting on the full scope. Yes, this has both me and Chris in it, but try to look over that. ;)"

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