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Mother’s Day Her Way

Nifty ideas for making her day as special as she is

Published on: April 25, 2023

Mother with daughter on her back, they are looking at each other and smiling

Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to shower love on the moms in your life. While every gift is special, you can use this holiday as an opportunity to think about specific ways to make them feel appreciated.

First things first

Think about her. Truly. There are endless gift ideas out there, so selecting the right one can feel overwhelming. Often, we end up buying something because it seems like what everyone else is buying (or it was easy!). Before you make a purchase, spend a little time thinking about her as the unique individual she is and ask yourself these questions:

  • What makes her smile?
  • What do I see her looking at in stores or on her phone?
  • How can I make her feel special?
  • Does she have a favorite hobby that she rarely makes time for?
  • What is something she wouldn’t do for herself?

If you aren’t sure, ask some of the people she is close to, such as a good friend or a sibling. Even older kids and teens can lend valuable insight. Remember, acknowledging her and making her feel understood mean focusing on her instead of what you think she needs.

Beyond the gift

Mother’s Day is about more than a gift. It’s an entire day dedicated to your favorite lady! Consider how you want to be intentional about celebrating her. Would she like breakfast in bed or would she prefer to sleep in? Is she hoping to spend the day with the kids or would some “me time” be appreciated?

You can ask her questions like this, but avoid simply asking, “What do you want to do?” Many moms are uncomfortable saying what they truly want. Plus, asking that makes it one more decision she has to make. And she definitely doesn’t need that!

A lot of moms will appreciate and benefit from a combination of time to themselves and time with the family. That could look like a family hike, followed by some time for her to nap or read. Maybe she would enjoy some time to go shopping alone and come home to a nice family dinner. Another great idea is to take her to breakfast with the kids and then drop her off for a massage or spa treatment that you’ve already scheduled for that day. The less time she has to spend on figuring out the itinerary, the better.

Creative gift ideas

"Woman laying on her back on a bed holding up a book and reading"

To help you get started, here are some unique ideas for gifts that moms of different types will love.

For the book lover: Once Upon a Book Club offers a creative approach to a book subscription service. Each box contains a book along with three to five wrapped gifts for the recipient to open at different points in the book. She will love discovering fun gifts as she reads, and they will remind her of the story long after she has finished reading the book. You can purchase single boxes as well as monthly and quarterly subscriptions; there are also subscription options for young adult and middle-grade readers.

For the puzzler: Jiggy offers art in puzzle form. Cited as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things, these specially crafted puzzles are fun to put together and come with glue for preserving the beautiful artwork once it has been assembled. Plus, Jiggy offers special holiday and seasonal gift boxes to enhance the puzzle experience, with extras such as chocolate or luxury bath items.

For the foodie: Make her life extra tasty with a gift or gift card from Goldbelly. This gourmet food market service features gifts from around the country, so she can have something special delivered right to her door. From making dinner really special with a prepared lobster dinner from Maine or barbecue straight from Texas, to a special Ina Garten cake or macarons from Paris, you’re sure to find tasty treats your unique mom will love.

"Two shot glasses on a wooden table. One is full of tea, the other coffee."

For the coffee or tea drinker: Few things keep a mom going like her morning cup of coffee or tea. Make her cuppa special with a tea subscription from Tea Runners, which specializes in a wide variety of gourmet loose teas. If coffee on the run is more her style, Steeped Coffee offers specialty roasts in single-serve brew bags that taste great — and help the planet.

"Woman smiling with her eyes closed with her face illuminated by candles "

For the mom who needs to relax: Every mom could use a little relaxation in her life, and you can find special gifts that help her do just that. Luxury candles from Noa Lux or Opal Road are special choices she probably wouldn’t splurge on for herself. Plus, both companies are woman-owned, a sweet bonus. If she needs a little more help in relaxing, Pure Enrichment is a purveyor of products designed to enhance comfort and wellness, such as lush heated blankets and aromatherapy diffusers.

For the organizer: If order and organization bring a smile to her face, try elevating her planner and paper products. Ivory Paper Co and Grado offer beautiful journals, planners and stationery to make keeping track of things easier while also inspiring her.

Remember, Mother’s Day isn’t about being perfect. It is about celebrating the mom in your life and making her feel special. Make it about her, shop early and plan the day to give her a Mother’s Day she won’t forget! 

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