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TeachStreet: Need a teacher? Hit the 'Street!

In just a few hours, our pals at TeachStreet will take their baby live, and then maybe I can finally get a few things right.

See, my 8-year-old is a mini one-man Gaelic Storm; desperate to play Irish fiddle. Ever try to find an Irish fiddle teacher on the Eastside? One that will teach a second-grader? My Google searching turned up one guy in Ballard. Must be in heavy demand; he never bothered to return my email.

So, I'm psyched about TeachStreet - a massive, a community....of teachers of all stripes and specialties, complete with reviews and teacher planning tools.

Here's a little from the TeachStreet press release: "Classes and teachers currently available on TeachStreet include everything from the popular (tennis coaching, piano lessons, and cooking classes) to the esoteric (break dancing, surfing, and Texas Hold 'em Poker, to name just a few)."

Breakdancing? Dude!

When the site goes live at midnight tonight, it will include more than 25,000 Seattle-area classes, teachers, instructors, and coaches...including, I'm guessing, at least one that teaches Irish fiddle.

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