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New and cool in September

Published on: September 01, 2008

Belly up

Love someone with a bloomin’ belly? Show your fave mom-to-be with this beautiful due-date necklace, created by a Northwest mom who got sick of answering the question “When are you due?” Shiny nickel pendant announces due month; necklace is sweetly packaged in a keepsake tin. $48;

Saucy mommies

Hey, toddlers aren’t the only ones who can rock some serious ‘tude. Get your sass on with these hip tees from Planet Mom. The tees are fitted (“girl cut” — order up a size); designs are embroidered, so they won’t ever fade. My favorite? “Secretary of Transportation.” $28;


Flip it good!

Let’s not get into the claims that these shoes will help you burn more fat (“a workout while you walk”). These are simply the most comfy flip-flops I’ve ever owned. The company lists lots of reasons for this, but I’ll sum it up in two words: arch support. Fit Flops cost more, but they have real substance, and that’s important for those of us who need shoes we can put on at a dead run. $49.95;

 Toe tags

 Kids will be instantly drawn to these shoes (ha!). They’re cute sneaks with a twist: white areas that kids can write on with special dry-erase markers. Graffeeti shoes come with four colored pens; a little holster lets kids tote one along. Kids’ sizes 13 and up; from $31.99;

We’re jammin’

Cuddly organic cotton and adorable prints make New Jammies a new fave. Who knows — maybe the cute vegetable designs will encourage little ones to eat more veggies (osmosis?)! If not, your sweet pea is still sporting some mighty appealing PJs. $24–$35;


 A clever design makes this cute bedroll a snap for preschoolers to manage at nap time. It’s a pillow, mat and blanket all in one; it rolls up and Velcros easily into a tidy package. Colorful, soft and well made — it’s perfect for preschool or sleepovers. $41;

—Kristen Dobson



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