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9 Fun Ways to Celebrate the New Year With Kids

Awesome ideas to make this New Year's Eve special for the whole family

Published on: December 19, 2022

9 Fun Ways to Celebrate the New Year With Kids


Celebrate with a bang

DIY noisemakers

Create DIY noisemakers using objects from around the house. Decorate empty, lidded canisters such as butter containers, coffee cans, Pringles cans, etc., and add dried beans or rice to make shakers. Or try this crafty idea made with paper plates and candy from Momtastic.

Sparkling science

Younger kids love to watch bubbles grow when vinegar is added to baking soda.

You can glam up this simple science experiment by adding glitter or confetti to the baking soda. To do this, mix together baking soda and glitter or confetti in a shallow bowl (be sure to use plastic confetti, not paper). When kids add drops of vinegar with droppers to the soda mixture, it will produce sparkling bubbles. 

Christmas crackers

Christmas crackers may be traditional accompaniments for a celebratory Christmas dinner but they’re equally as fun for  New Year’s Eve. These brightly wrapped cylinders are pulled apart, breaking the cracker open with a popping sound. Be sure to check the prizes inside before purchase to get kid-friendly items (most boxes of crackers have a description on the back of the box).

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