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You Might Spy the Northern Lights Tonight

How to up your odds of seeing the aurora borealis in Seattle


Published on: October 25, 2017


Nothing quite says Pacific Northwest native like a shared love for hating on the local weather reports (spoiler alert, our typical forecast this time of year: rain, rain and more rain). But tonight could change all that in a flash … a flash of lights, that is! 

Meteorologists are reporting that tonight the northern lights might just be viewable throughout the Pacific Northwest. Currently, our area is under a geomagnetic storm watch for aurora borealis and the Space Weather Prediction Center says we are in the minor to moderate zone for viewing capabilities.

So, cloud cover, we’re looking at you (and counting on you) like never before: Part the skies so we can see the light!

Want to catch the northern lights in action? Here are a few tips for spying them around Seattle:

  1. Try to head somewhere out of the city, if possible. Your best shot of seeing the northern lights is in less-populated areas with little light pollution.
  2. Be prepared to stay up late! The viewing window is narrow, and experts estimate the aurora borealis will be viewable around midnight.
  3. Keep an eye on this forecast tool to track the northern lights as they arrive in the Pacific Northwest.

Happy stargazing!

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