Nothing can spark a child's imagination quite like playing outside. A copse of trees behind the house becomes a dark jungle and a beach becomes a source of buried pirate treasure. Outdoor adventure films expand upon this thrill grandly, with stories of characters, often kids, striking out into the wilderness and learning how to survive. After taking your kids for a tromp through the muddy woods, climb into some pajamas, and prime the pump for more outdoor excitement with one of these movies.

Swiss Family Robinson DVDSwiss Family Robinson

Recommended for ages 8 and up; rated G; released 1960

The ultimate family outdoor fantasy. After all, who wouldn't want to build an incredibly elaborate tree house on a tropical island, play with friendly animals, and defend it all against marauding pirates with even more incredibly elaborate booby traps?

The 1960 Disney version of the classic tale is great fun for kids although parents will cringe at some of the stereotypes. (I'd also suggest the youngest son Francis stop trapping every animal on the island for his own personal menagerie.)

Caveats: Stereotypes; troubling treatment of animals; violence (lots of shooting and blowing up, but no blood).

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