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ParentMap, August 2007 Issue

ParentMap August 2007 issue
In our August issue we look at how modern moms are finding the balance between home and work, self and family. You'll meet local women who are finding new ways to make it work. Their stories may inspire you! We round up Internet safety issues at every Age & Stage (even toddler!), and sing the praises of taking kids to opera. Got a reluctant reader under your roof? Take a look at our fresh tips from a children's librarian. And we show you where to splash about these last few weeks of summer at outdoor water spots. 

Feature: The Mamapreneur Movement

Ages & Stages:

Getting School Ready: Reaching your reluctant reader

Out & About:

Voice: TV in kids' rooms? Why not!

Giving Together: Campfire USA, today!

Issues: Are imports from China safe?

Talk: Talking about first-day jitters

Media: This month's featured media

From our Readers: Letters to the Editor


About this issue

Dear Reader:Alayne Sulkin

I played a word game with my 21-year-old tonight. “I say the first word, Arielle, and you respond with your immediate association.”

It went like this:

Love:  “Maya” (Ari’s 6-yr-old sister)

Food:  “Wholesome Pita” (her favorite LA falafel)

Work:  “PR” (her job; hey, she chatted with Justin Timberlake at a recent event)

Mamapreneur: “You, Mom” (at least I got an honorable mention!)

I am quite a bit older than the women profiled in this month’s feature, but wise for figuring out in less time than it took to get my law school degree that the profession would not be a supportive environment for work/life integration. (Balance — what would that look like?) When Arielle was born, I quit law, unpredictably allowing entrée to a coveted 21-year career in publishing. My school loans however, got paid off the month Ari left for college.

Call that fiscal insanity? I called it heaven!

Feature writer Linda Morgan states “…most women have yet to land a seat at the boys’ table…that offers the kind of access to the money, status and power that makes the planet spin.” What women in her right mind really wants a seat at a table with no universal paid leave, inflexible work environments, and less pay than her male counterpart?
Spin right off, I say, as many have with innovative business pursuits. This part of the planet has never offered women the support, corporate or governmental, to help moms stay on the power track (if that is what they want). We in Washington are still reeling with the delight of being the second state in the union to pass paid parental leave legislation.

ParentMap’s key to success is the savvy, intelligent group of 22 over-qualified women (99% moms) who all work virtually for a social business venture, with competitive pay, complete flexibility and, as I like to say, no unnecessary face time (sorry, no job openings as we go to press!). There is a direct correlation here: The greater flexibility you offer, the more qualified superwoman will want to work in your business.

What else does 24/7 connectivity mean for our families? Besides social networking, the “cultural tsunami of MySpace that now rivals cruising Main Street,” we have no opportunity to overhear kids in a good old-fashioned phone conversation.

—Alayne Sulkin, Publisher/Editor

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