ParentMap, March 2006 Issue

Published on: March 02, 2006

ParentMap March 2006 issue


Feature: On the road to fame - Parents aim for normal life when kids become stars

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Dear Reader:

Do you ever wonder what makes your soul mate your soul mate? The fact that neither my husband nor I have recorded a check in 25-plus years makes us simpatico in more ways than you can imagine. Moving beyond love and romance to chores, organizational skills and the completely foreign concept of “everything has its place” (Ages and Stages 3-5), we are just about perfectly suited. Dealing with our financial imprecision would absolutely drive an accountant-type spouse to drink.

But let’s face it — one parent, Mom (I will go out on a limb here) — is usually the CEO “Chief Everything Officer” (A&S 0-2). I believe that I should be fired for poor performance often, but no one seems to apply for this highly satisfying position. I recognize how much better the household functions with slightly heightened order and planning, and I am moved by each Ages and Stages advice to set new standards for myself, knowing that we will all reap the benefits.

Being a serious fan of quiet late-night work puts me in a position most mornings to only wake when my blessed snoozing 4-year-old rustles at 9 a.m. Chaos ensues because she wants me by her side during the whole interminable dressing process. If I occasionally manage to dress and shower first, the day is brighter for all. However, if she goes to bed with her full ensemble placed out on the floor — pants, shirt and little doll house toys creating Maya’s face and figure — we have a stellar morning.

It is doubtful that we will ever have index cards listing favorite meals or be “everything-has-its-place” people. But I sincerely applaud the experts (and have hired one) who can elevate my CEO performance to ultimately give my family a little less stress and a few more peaceful days.

—Alayne Sulkin, publisher/editor

Alayne Sulkin

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