ParentMap, May 2008 Issue

Published on: May 25, 2008

ParentMap May 2008 issue

Super-cool girl-mom, that's you! it? Mothering daughters ain't like it used to be. This month, we take a closer look at how things have changed for the mother-daughter bond - and what this could mean for this generation of girls.

Also this month, we scritch up a few issues surrounding the family pet. How can you prepare your beloved critter for Baby's arrival? And how can you help your child cope with the loss of a pet?

Plus, a whirlwind of crazy travel fun - with guest-writer and travel expert Rick Steves ...a fabulous trip to Italy ...and a jolly old jaunt to Victoria.

Bon Voyage! 

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    About this issue

    Dear Reader:Sulkins in Italy

    Low anxiety balanced with high energy is one way I describe myself. But one expected monthly anxiety-producing moment I fear just a bit is proofing our Out & About section. The overflowing, inspiring and creative outings require acknowledgement of the inverse ratio of my great access to information to how much our family actually does. Is this familiar? I read Rick & Anne Steves’ “Traveling with preteens in Europe” and “Dreaming with Kids in Italia,” and I’m soaring.

    Finally, a “been there, done that” moment!

    We spent the most glorious summer vacation with our three children (then ages 19, 15, and 4), our dear friends and their boys in Italy. Significant hours of planning, booking “teen-friendly” tour guides, a cost-efficient “villa” with pool, and a scrumptious dinner cooked by our kids guided by a local caterer all awakened our kids’ love of art, architecture, food, gelato and — best of all — each other.

    We certainly never heard “I’m bored!” This month’s Getting School Ready suggests conversation starters to get Junior talking about what is really up, and invites us adults to reflect on whether our whining little one is perhaps simply making a bid for our attention.

    Our four-generation cover certainly affirms that 80 is the new 70, and perhaps in this case, the new 60! “Purple” is one word that we instantly associate with royalty or majesty; “Mothers & Daughters” feature writer Linda Morgan and I uniquely share this alternative association: our moms.
    Raised by an enthusiast of purple furniture, carpets, clothing and eye shadow myself, I instantly connected to Frances, Linda’s mom. It was love at first sight when I witnessed her jump out of her “purple” license-plated purple caddie with the similar wildly happy smile, liveliness and sparkle of my mom, of blessed memory.

    Today’s relationship proximity may seem closer with daughters today as we text each other from worlds away, share music, jeans and shoes, but I assure you that the deep love we have in our own hearts for our mothers and our daughters has not changed.
    Happy Mother’s Day!

    —Alayne Sulkin, Publisher/Editor

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