ParentMap, September 2006 Issue

Published on: September 02, 2006

ParentMap September 2006 issue


Dad's relish stay-at-home role

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    Dear Reader:

    Our award-winning Out and About editor, Kris Collingridge, suggests we “…let summer go with a smile” as we make the biggest annual family transition: the shift from the pleasurable pace of summer to a frenzied fall. The abundance and variety of entertainment available for your family will turn this annual evolution — often met with trepidation — into something to rejoice over. Just take Kris’ advice and book some falls arts adventures for your family.

    This month’s feature, “Stay-at-Home Dads,” reassures us about the progression of dads who choose to experience life as the primary caregiver for their children. As women continue to have increased earning capacity, more men are making the choice to stay home. One endearing dad revealed he has the same frustrations as any stay-at-home mom. When faced with a unique challenge, he turns to his fellow PEPS moms because he feels just like “one of the girls.”

    An Edmonds couple who “talk brain while sorting laundry,” (he’s a primary care physician, while she’s a neurologist) prove again that we are locally endowed with expertise in the area of learning and brain function (Every Child, center section). As our kids enter another year of educational challenge and stimulation, it is fascinating to learn how both parents and educators can better understand our kids’ learning styles to increase their academic success.

    Speaking of academic transitions, my incoming kindergartener and I share a love for late nights and lazy sleep in mornings. So I must confess to one of my low-level psycho stressors of the past year: How will I get my required 8-9 hours of sleep when I prefer going to bed in the wee hours of the morning, and get “snoozy Moosie,” as we call her, up and out to school at 8:15 a.m.? I will reread our Getting School Ready column’s sleep pointers for starters.

    Good luck — whether your personal back-to-school challenge is a preschooler, an entering college freshman, or both!

    —Alayne Sulkin, publisher/editor
    Alayne Sulkin

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