ParentMap, September 2010 Issue

Published on: September 01, 2010

September 2010 ParentMap Issue

Keep it simple.

Blogs, books and — yes! — parenting magazines and websites; there's no shortage of info and advice out there for new parents.

Who do you trust? And how do you sort through the myriad conflicting messages out there about what's best for your baby? This month, we examine instinctive parenting and show you ways to listen to the excellent parent within.

Also this month, the hows and whys of breastfeeding adopted babies ... great strategies for cutting back on television ... and tips for telling if your child is faking sick!

Check out our annual Fall Arts Preview!

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Getting School Ready: The benefits of bribery

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Feature: Trust your instincts

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About this issue

You know who you are.

Last summer daysMy fall whine-fest kicks in the moment I feel the change in the air during my annual August Midwest retreat: The heavy humid air seems to transform in an instant to cool fall breezes. The slow, life-affirming days of beach bumming, strolling and novel reading are quickly eclipsed by starkly contrasting thoughts of what seems moments away: the dizzying pace of the school year.

I have firmly established myself as the mom with the most anxiety about “back to school” and all it entails. Dragging my feet, I freak a bit whenever I’m within earshot of those über in-the-know, on-top-of-it-all parents.

You know who you are! You send out Excel carpooling schedules in early July, know every detail about the teachers in your child’s upcoming grade (late July), compare extracurricular plans with neighborhood moms (early August), know the content of the 2-inch-thick dance studio mailing before it’s even mailed, and — the ultimate horror! — know exactly what to make for lunch, every day!

My every instinct shouts, “Bury me deep in the sand … please!”

Today, my last beach day — I will stick with my instincts and get Maya to dig a subterranean hole!

The poignant quote offered up in our extremely affirming feature, “Trust Your Instincts,” reminds us that “Parents find lessons not from books, but from inside themselves.” Ironic as it is, as creators of resources for parents, our team stands firmly in agreement: You know what is right for your darlings. I love Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson’s Seattle Mama Doc reference to parents awaiting “biblical instruction.” Her point: You know more than you know.

So take a deep breath, and be proud of the myriad great decisions you make daily. And then, share some of that wisdom with us! Our newly launched, wildly robust online directory has more than 3,000 business listings. Find the businesses you that love, support local entrepreneurship, and rate them! Your friends in the Parent­Map community want to know what you think is the best preschool or activity, class or better yet, cupcake.

And what makes up — at least a little! — for all the back-to-school angst of fall? Another amazing and creative arts season! Whether you live north, south, east or west—this year’s Fall Arts Preview is the very best.

— Alayne Sulkin, Publisher/Editor

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