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12 Heartwarming Random Acts of Kindness for Seattle Kids

Spread a little love and kindness this month (and all year long)

Vicky McDonald

Published on: February 09, 2024

Young girl giving older woman a flower and spreading kindness

As parents, we’re always searching for meaningful ways to teach our kids the importance of empathy and compassion. And when it comes to spreading joy, little kids are experts at creating cards and dreaming up thoughtful ideas, especially for family and friends. But there is a whole community of people out there who could also benefit from a kind and thoughtful gesture every day of the year.

Take a moment to think about all the people in your neighborhood and consider trying out some of these ideas to bring a moment of joy to their day.

Donate food to a Little Free Pantry or Little Free Library

Little Free Pantries are a great way to donate food and help those in need. Find locations in your neighborhood and across Seattle online or through Instagram. Involve your kids in selecting and donating non-perishable food items and if you’re feeling extra creative check out the tips for setting up and building your own Little Free Pantry

If your child has books they would like to donate, consider taking a walk to the closest Little Free Library. There are more than 175,000 Little Free Libraries in 121 countries! 

"A Little Free Panty in a Seattle neighborhood"
A Little Free Pantry in Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood. Credit: Kari Hanson

Make a crafty booklet

Create a craft that keeps on giving. Together with the kids, create a booklet of kindness coupons offering acts of service like a free car wash, a home-cooked meal or babysitting services. Let your kids be the ambassadors of kindness as they distribute these thoughtful coupons to teachers and neighbors.

Organize a charity drive

‘Tis the season for spring cleaning, and the perfect time to pass on gently used coats, clothes and toys. Instead of just donating your items, consider hosting a clothing drive with local organizations such as KidVantage, Mary’s Place, Westside Baby or Dress for Success. By getting neighbors and school friends together you can increase the number of donated items and make it easier for more people to give back.

"Child handing out clothing and spreading kindness"
Kids can get involved in lots of ways to spread kindness in their community.

Offer to help neighbors

Extend a helping hand to elderly neighbors who may need assistance with tasks such as grocery shopping, yard work or pet care. Small gestures of help can make a big difference. It’s also a good opportunity to get to know your neighbors better and show your kids the importance of reaching out to people in your community.

Support your favorite local businesses

I’m good at telling friends and families about my favorite local cafés and Seattle-area bookshops, but I’m not great at writing reviews. One positive Yelp review can make a big difference to a small company. Brainstorm with your family about your favorite hangouts and leave them a nice review to help their business boom.

"Mom and daughter leaving a positive review for a local business to help spread kindness"
Support local businesses with a positive online review.

Leave out snacks for delivery drivers

Delivery drivers are busier than ever with so much online shopping. Brightening the day for delivery drivers can be as simple as leaving out snacks as a token of appreciation. This small act of kindness not only provides a little break from their routine but also lets them know you appreciate their hard work.

Show local heroes that they’re the real superheroes

Express gratitude to local heroes by writing letters and making thank you cards and bringing them to your nearby fire station and police station. Sweet hand-drawn pictures and some kind words can really brighten up someone’s day.

"Kind notes to firefighters on the window of a fire station"
Kind notes of thanks at the Greenwood fire station. Credit: Kari Hanson

Clean up the trails

We are fortunate to have beautiful trails here in the Pacific Northwest, but we often don’t realize how much work goes into maintaining and making sure trails are safe for everyone. Give back to the community and enjoy some time together in nature by partaking in a trail work party. It benefits the local community and by working together it ensures our trails are available for everyone to use and enjoy.

Feed the birds

Winter can be tough on our feathered friends, so giving them a hand with some extra grub is a sweet gesture. Get the kids involved in making one of these cute heart-shaped bird feeders, and enjoy the fun of watching the birds chow down on your homemade treat.

"Heart shaped bird feeder. istock image"
Spread kindness outdoors with this heart-shaped bird feeder.

Help out at a community garden

The Bellevue Urban Garden (tBUG) was founded to help teach families and kids about the importance of growing healthy food and building a vibrant community centered around food. It’s a great mission but they often need a helping hand to continue their great work

The Danny Woo Community Garden, located in Seattle’s Chinatown-International District, is also open for volunteers throughout the year. Email for more information.

Write positive chalk messages

During the pandemic, some kids in our neighborhood started doodling chalk art and jotting down jokes and positive messages on our local sidewalks. It was such a mood booster during my walks. So, why not keep the good vibes going? Get the kids to scribble some uplifting messages on the sidewalks and include some silly dad jokes for extra laughs.

"Positive sidewalk chalk menssage"
A positive message with sidewalk chalk. Credit: Kari Hanson

Organize a neighborhood potluck

What better way to get to know your neighbors better than a neighborhood potluck or block party where everyone brings a dish to share? Potlucks are a great way to foster connections, learn about different foods and cultures, and build a sense of community. You just need someone to take the initiative and organize it, and that someone could be you this year!

More ways to spread some kindness

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