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Rock out to The Not-Its! new album, 'Tag, You're It!'

Published on: December 30, 2013

notitsCue the air drummer. Bring in the air guitar. Now you're ready to crank up the volume on The Not-Its! newest album, "Tag, You're It!"

If you are new to Seattle's The Not-Its! you are sure to notice that they are a bit edgier than other kindie bands. Grungier perhaps. Definitely heavy on the drum set (in a good way). My kids always ask me to turn it up so they can "rock out." If you cringe at high-pitched and childish kids' music, then this is the album for you! Not a "Twinkle, Twinkle" or "Old MacDonald's Farm" in the bunch.

You'll start with the high-energy "Freeze Tag" and "Vacation" -- both winners. "Hank is a Rock Star," "Great to Be a Kid" and "Hot Sand" will get everyone moving and inspired. Sarah Shannon's stunning vocals and outgoing, head-bobbing rock melodies make this a solid album and a great addition to your growing collection.

Learn more about The Not-Its! at their website.

When to listen: In the car on the way to swimming lessons or soccer practice

Best ages: 3-9

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