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10 Seattle-Area Instagram Accounts to Follow

Local accounts that reflect the heart and soul of parenting in the PNW

Emily Feely

Published on: October 21, 2022


Instagram provides a great way to peek into the lives of other Pacific Northwest families. Many local parents use the platform to share their inspiring adventures, and their accounts can be a great source of ideas for your family. Here are a few favorites to add to your Instagram list. May they inspire your next PNW adventure!  


Natasha is a freelance writer and mom of two, and you may be familiar with her playground reviews and family travel stories on ParentMap. She has a wealth of knowledge about the local playground scene and offers plenty of practical tips for parents. Follow along and prepare to be inspired to go on more family adventures.


San Juan Island living is dreamy, and Lacy has a talent for capturing small and simple moments. After perusing this beautiful account, you might want to book a family trip to the San Juan Islands to get a taste of PNW island life. She also covers topics such as homeschooling, hiking and foraging. 


On Shavonne’s page, you’ll find faith, family and a farmhouse. Her family recently bought a farmhouse on a large plot of land. They are keen gardeners, and I cannot wait to watch their journey into the homesteading/farming space. As well as family adventures, Shavonne shares her own stories about race and heritage. Her page is rich with content that appeals on so many levels.


It may be tough to find the male perspective of home and family life on Instagram, but Sergey is right here in the PNW, sharing all of the joy that comes from being a husband and father. He has four daughters who share his love of the outdoors.


Tonya, a journalist and mom of two young kiddos, lives in Gig Harbor. She is new to the PNW, but she’s already got an impressive page of exciting local adventures around the South Sound.


Alana’s account is inspiring and beautiful. She tackles tough conversations about the reality of living with a chronic illness as a mother. We often see people proclaiming the need for self-care and proper mental health care on social media, but Alana is living it and sharing in a way that invites conversation and community.


If you’ve ever wondered what it's like to travel the world full-time with your family, you need to check out Astrid’s account (and ParentMap articles). She has a passion for world schooling, and enjoys discovering new cultures and encouraging families to explore together. She hails originally from Washington state and also shares a handful of stunning PNW travel opportunities.


Looking for fun and low-cost things to do with your kid? Well, look no further, because Jen and Sia of thriftynwmom are experts in this area. You’ll find a variety of activities based in the Northwest, plus intel on local hidden treasures. 


Claire is an active member of the Bellevue community. She owns a café and is involved with some local philanthropic efforts. Following Claire will inspire you to chase your dreams and maximize your potential.


Jenn is a prop stylist from West Seattle, so it’s no real surprise that her feed looks like something from a glossy magazine. Jenn's page is full of creativity, and her cottage is dreamy. In an age of women supporting women, I’m thrilled to watch someone rocking their dream job and valuing motherhood at the same time.

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