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Seattle-Area Families Support Their Neighbors and Spread Kindness During Quarantine

From teddy bears to snack pantries, five inspiring family stories

Published on: April 20, 2020

bear in a house window
A teddy bear spotted in the window in a Bothell neighborhood. Photo credit: Ewin Pham

Neighborhood kindness

We are weeks and weeks into our near-quarantine and no one knows when things will be back to normal-ish. Everyone is frustrated and overwhelmed and we could all use some cheering up. 
Some Seattle-area families are offering connection and support to their communities in little ways. Like making chalk art, or setting out snacks for delivery drivers. With nearly everyone stuck at home, neighbors are stepping up to help each other stay positive and get through this.

Use the arrows above the image to see the sweet ways five local families are encouraging and supporting their communities.

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