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Best Things to Do With Kids on the Seattle Waterfront

Play hometown tourist at these just-reopened attractions

Published on: July 01, 2020

little boys running through the sculpture park by the Seattle waterfront
Credit: JiaYing Grygiel

Hello, summer of the staycation!

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Coronavirus upended everyone’s travel plans, and lucky for us, we’re stuck in a city that people from all over the world (usually) come to visit. Time to play hometown tourist, and hit the just-reopened attractions sans the usual summer hordes.

Exploring the 1.3-mile-long waterfront makes for a fun and easy day. Some things are free — the views of Puget Sound and the Olympics, watching ferries and container ships on Elliott Bay — and all of it is family-friendly.

Seattle was born as a port city, but for nearly 70 years, the Viaduct cut the waterfront district off from the heart of downtown. Not anymore. This summer is the first we can enjoy the waterfront without that hulking concrete shadow.

Pick one end to start your waterfront adventure: the Olympic Sculpture Park to the north, or the Washington State Ferry Terminal to the south. Bring a stroller and stash plenty of water bottles, sunscreen and an extra layer just in case and you’re ready to start exploring.

Scroll through the arrows above for some family-friendly ideas for your waterfront adventure.

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