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Seattle Schools Shake-up

Just what, we wonder, is happening these days in the Seattle Public School District? Heads, for some reason, seem to be rolling.

The well-liked principal at Ingraham High School, Martin Floe, was fired this week. Why? No one seems to know. Says Teresa Wippel, SPS media relations head,  "We will work with IHS staff and families on what qualifications and attributes they want to see in their next principal." An interim principal will be in place at IHS this summer.

What else is going on in the district? The principal at Coe Elementary, Tate Loftin, is on personal leave. And this month, Superintendent Enfield dismissed the district's human-resources director and eliminated the job of the executive director of facilities.

Enfield may well have solid reasons for these changes. But as the district leader, she's got some 'splainin' to do.

The school community - and the city of Seattle - deserve more explanation than the very vanilla words Enfield wrote in a letter to Ingraham staff and families: "I have made a decision that Ingraham High School would benefit from new leadership for the next school year. I want to thank Principal Martin Floe for his years of service to the students and staff at IHS."

Transparency is a good thing. We'd like to see some.

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