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‘Hello, it’s Elmo!’: Get Personalized Messages from Sesame Street Characters on Cameo Kids

Sesame Street Characters join Cameo Kids

Madison Miller

Published on: November 21, 2023

Elmo and Cookie Monster are the first two Sesame Street characters to join Cameo Kids

Say hello to Elmo and Cookie Monster! These two are the first “Sesame Street” characters to join Cameo Kids — a platform that allows you to book personalized videos featuring favorite celebrities. 

They join a cast of beloved characters from “Cocomelon,” “Thomas and Friends,” “Care Bears,” “Gracie’s Corner” and more. The interactive and engaging videos from the fun and familiar stars deliver heartwarming messages to kids and fans. 

Like any Cameo Kids characters, Elmo and Cookie Monster can share personalized messages submitted by parents, including helping kids count to their age or sharing words starting with the same first letter as their name. These cameos make for a perfect and affordable gift for any occasion coming in at the cost of $25.

“Elmo and Cookie Monster can bring joy and delight to any day and any celebration; this time, with playful, personalized messages,” Gabriela Arenas, Senior Vice President of Global Product Licensing at Sesame Workshop, said in a press release. “As we’ve done for over 50 years, ‘Sesame Street’ connects with families and fans in fun, unexpected ways.”

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