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10 Signs Your Child Is Definitely a Geek

How to tell if your child is an awesomely geeky, nerdy, fandom-loving individual


Published on: November 10, 2016

adorable geek boy

You planned obsessively for your children. You gave up your body, your money and your time. You spent years subsisting on four hours of sleep and half-eaten peanut butter sandwiches to raise them into functional little humans. And now you are helplessly standing by while they turn into unrepentant nerds.

Congratulations! Clearly it’s been worth it because geeky offspring make life interesting. Whether you’re facilitating their passion for learning or supporting their fandoms, getting involved can end up being just as fun for you. Now you have an excuse for visiting Harry Potter World, Renn Faire or Comicon (as if you really needed one). Unsure if your child is a nerd? Here is a highly scientific, expertly researched compendium of the tell-tale signs. 

geek 1

geek 2


geek 3


geek 4

geek 5

geek 6

geek 7

geek 8

geek 9

geek 10

Photo from Game On! Family Friendly Gaming Stores Around the Puget Sound

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