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15 Creative Ideas for Hosting a Fun-Filled Sleepover Party

Make the most of a slumber party with these entertaining games, crafts and activities

Published on: March 21, 2013

Personalized Flashlights

Fun in the Dark
Check out this fun personalized flashlight craft over at Kids Parties 1-2-3. It’s a sleepover craft (just add foam stickers and beads), activity (flashlight tag, anyone?), and favor ($1 flashlights) all rolled in one! Mama Kit adds that it gives a little security to those kiddos who are less than thrilled about the dark and being away from home.


Personalized Pillowcase

May I Have Your Autograph?
If your little ones can’t get enough of plastering their names on everything, they’ll love this idea for autographed pillowcases over at Diary of an Overachieving Mom. The best part is that the sleepover guests can all add their signatures to everyone else’s pillowcases. Just make sure the kids aren’t using them on their pillows right away! Give plenty of time for the masterpieces to dry, and they’ll all have great mementos to take home.

 Plush Superhero Toys

We love this idea for custom superhero toys featured over at Teawagontales. Have the kids design their own characters and build them out of felt pieces. You’ll probably need to help with the sewing, but the end result is a one-of-a-kind hero that the kids can dream up stories about and take on countless adventures.

 Owl crafts

Night Owls
Here’s a great art idea for an owl-themed party over at Kara's Party Ideas. Simply pre-cut some owl “parts” out of colorful paper and pre-paint some canvases (to save a little time on clean-up). Then each kid can simply construct their own owls in whatever fashion they want! Check out the full post for other clever ideas, like a mini-suitcase packed with sleepover essentials and other owl-y little treasures.

 Photo booth

Silver Screen
Everyone loves a photo booth, and movies are a sleepover must. Head over to the Onto Baby blog to see the full details for a movie-themed sleepover featuring this awesome photo booth idea. Set up requires only a few accessories and a camera. Smile!

 Indoor picnic

Indoor Picnic
Summer or not, this idea for an indoor picnic over at Hoosier Homemade is a great way to handle a sleepover dinner. Get the summer picnic décor out of storage, and use Mama Liz’s menu: deli sandwiches, watermelon pops, and cotton candy lemonade (!). Um…yum!

 Breakfast bar

Easy Morning
So your little guests are pooped from their all-night hijinks – make a fun breakfast for the crew like this cereal bar idea over at One Charming Party. It couldn’t be any easier! Simply set out a few types of cereal and toppings and see what happens.

 Lego station

Lego Mania
If your kids are anything like ours, Legos are in every corner of the house. Cupcakes and Cutlery put together the most creative Lego party, complete with a Lego station, DIY pasta bar, and dance party. Head over to the full post for tips on how to boogie down in Lego town!

 Cardboard dragon boats

Dragon Breath
For those engineer-minded kiddos, this idea for cardboard dragon boats over at Ikatbag will probably be enough to keep them entertained for a while. Momma Lorraine even shares a printable pattern you can use to create the boats (thank you!). How perfect for a nautical-themed party. A few riggings, helms, and sails later and it’s all aboard!

 Homemade light sabers

Light Saber Time
Know a few Star Wars fans? This idea for easy DIY light sabers over at the Muddy Boots blog is the perfect project to pair with a Star Wars viewing party. Cut some pool noodles in half, and then have the kids customize their handles with duct tape, electrical tape, and markers. May the force be with you!

 Cupcake fondue

Sweet Fondue!
Forget the fruit and cheese, and bring on the mini-cupcakes! This idea for cupcake fondue over at Pintsize Social is a fun activity for your little sleepover sweeties. Mini-cupcakes get the fondue treatment when dipped in frosting and topped with sprinkles. Dessert anyone?

 Spy obstacle course

Spy Games
This idea over at Chicken Babies is the perfect sleepover activity for your little spies in training. Set some streamers up in a laser-beam-like pattern and have the kids take turns trying to get through the course without touching the streamers. Game on!

 Salt dough Lego figures

Salty Pals
Here’s another Lego-inspired activity perfect for a sleepover. Mama Ruth of GraceLaced shares her recipe for salt-dough figurines. For a party, this craft is best if the prepping is done ahead of time (baking the dough in molds). The fun part comes when the kids get to paint the little Lego men with their own designs. Head over to the full post for the recipe and helpful tips!

 Spa cupcakes

Spa Cupcakes
For the girlie girls’ sleepovers, we adore this idea for washcloth cupcake favors featured over at Yoonie at Home. If junior mani-pedi’s and facials are on the menu for your next sleepover, then have the kids make these “cupcakes” as take-home favors! Twist up the washcloths and finish with ribbon and cupcake wrappers and toppers.

 Fort kit

Who doesn’t love a fort? And at a sleepover – done deal. This idea for a DIY fort building kit featured over at the 4 Men 1 Lady blog is genius. Give the kiddos all the supplies they’ll need in one box (including snacks!), and set ‘em loose. Once the fort is up, we bet you’ll have a hard time getting them to leave!

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