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5 Swimming Lakes for South Sound-Area Kids and Families

Cool off at super family swim spots

Published on: July 22, 2019


Ready for a cool dip?

There is nothing quite like a cool dip in the lake during the dog days of summer. We are lucky here in the Pacific Northwest to have plenty of beautiful lakes, but which one to choose? We’ve scoped out five great swimming lakes for South Sound- and South King County-area kids and families. Each has a variety of features so you can pick the one best suited to your crew, or try them all.

Lake swimming tips for parents: Unlike pools with clear water and marked depths, lakes are a much different swimming experience, especially for kids.

  • Lifeguards: Some lakes have lifeguards on duty at certain times. If this is important to you, take note as you read on.
  • Life jackets: Even if your kiddos are independent pool swimmers, life jackets can be a good idea — and a must for tots — because lake bottoms can have sudden drop-offs, wakes from boats, fish and plant life that can make swimming more challenging.
  • Close watch: Keep close to kids when they are in the water and make sure they come out and warm up in the sun every now and then if the water is cold. A neon swim shirt or similar distinctive clothing or life jacket can make it easier to keep track of kids.
  • Water shoes: Because lake bottoms have roots, rocks and sometimes even broken glass, water shoes can be a good investment for lake swims.

Use the arrows above the image to scroll through the swimming lake options!

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