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Fun-Filled Seattle-Area Playgrounds for Kids of All Abilities

Inclusive play spots where all kids can play

Lauren Braden

Published on: September 25, 2023

Meadow Crest Playground sensory inclusive accessible Seattle
Meadow Crest Playground in Renton

Amazing sensory playgrounds, free and open to the public

For kids on the autism spectrum or with other disabilities, a trip to the neighborhood playground can be overwhelming, socially confusing and even unsafe. Newer playground designs are pivoting toward meeting the needs of all children, and this has spawned great play places, usually referred to as “inclusive” or “sensory” playgrounds.

What makes a play space a “sensory playground”? In short, it’s an inclusive place for kids to play. The space may be fully accessible for kids who use wheelchairs; it may also be fenced off to contain kids who could wander or bolt. These playgrounds typically offer sensory options for kids who seek them, such as wind chimes, sand to dig in, nubby surfaces, mazes to explore, mirrors, kaleidoscopes and bouncy swings.

First stop: Seattle Children’s PlayGarden

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