STREAM: A ParentMap Special Series Exploring Learning

New advancements in how to teach science, technology, robotics, engineering, art and math are taking off. Find out how your students can be a part of it.

A special series on education

Science, technology, robotics, engineering, arts and math: In our schools and communities, there is more demand than ever for STREAM. Yet only about a third of eighth-graders score “proficient” in math and science. In this ongoing series, we’ explore how schools and organizations are approaching STREAM in new, game-changing ways, and what that means for your child's education.

Part 1: Superstars: Social Media Makes Science Come Alive. Discover how science + social media = win.

Part 2: Citizen Science: Kids Take Learning Into Their Own Hands. Learn what bird tracking, squirrel monitoring and poop have to do with your child's critical science education.

Part 3: Meet Milo: The Robot Who Helps Kids Learn. Robotics and other tech tools are teaching kids with special needs in new ways.


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