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STREAM: A ParentMap Special Series Exploring Learning

New advancements in how to teach science, technology, robotics, engineering, art and math are taking off. Find out how your students can be a part of it.

Published on: September 14, 2016

A special series on education

Science, technology, robotics, engineering, arts and math: In our schools and communities, there is more demand than ever for STREAM. Yet only about a third of eighth-graders score “proficient” in math and science. In this ongoing series, we explore how schools and organizations are approaching STREAM in new, game-changing ways, and what that means for your child's education.

Part 1: Superstars: Social Media Makes Science Come Alive. Discover how science + social media = win.

Part 2: Citizen Science: Kids Take Learning Into Their Own Hands. Learn what bird tracking, squirrel monitoring and poop have to do with your child's critical science education.

Part 3: Meet Milo: The Robot Who Helps Kids Learn. Robotics and other tech tools are teaching kids with special needs in new ways.

Part 4: Gender Blind? Removing the 'Pink and Blue' From the Toy Aisle. "Pink for girls! Blue for boys!" Here's how parents and companies are challenging the gendered toys stereotype to benefit kids

Part 5: Celebrating the “E” in STEM: Why Engineering Should Matter to Your Kid Interest in engineering is on the rise — here's what parents should know about this changing STEM profession

Part 6: Math Class: Why Aren't Girls Getting the Same Support As Boys? Solving for XX in the word of mathematics

Part 7: The Rise of Science Fairs (And Why They Matter) Science fairs are helping kids become interested in STEM — but are they enough?

Part 8: The Politics of Science Class Why chances are good your kid isn’t learning much about climate change

Part 9: STEM Has a Diversity Problem That’s not news, but just how bad is it?

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