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Swagger wagon: Minivan ad sums it up

minivanI've been complaining bitterly about my minivan lately. Don't get me wrong - it's an excellent car; a 2004 Honda Odyssey that's never given me a moment's trouble.

Still, when I bought this behemouth seven years ago, I had a 3-year-old and a 6-year-old. I rarely if ever slept, rarely attempted make-up, rarely read a book - you know the story. Looking "cool" was in no way part of the equation.

But lately, after more than 12 years of minivanning it, of room-momming it, of coach-gifting it, of always eating the burnt whatever, I'm thinking it's time to put moi back on the priority list. I'm thinking compact SUV. Brand-new. Hybrid? Pretty and shiny and - finally! - just a little cool.

Then, this morning, our super sales rep Laura forwarded me this link - to a minivan ad that does something no minivan ad has ever done before: take a whack at the deep cultural bias against minivan coolness. It's hip-hop! It's hilarious!

It's....not quite enough to change my mind. But minivan moms: Your cool factor could be going up.

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