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Target's New Line of Sensory Sensitive Kids' Furniture Is (Almost) All Under $50

And here we thought we couldn't love Target more!

Kate Missine

Published on: April 16, 2019

We already adore Target for its Starbucks lattes, spacious red carts and the dangerously addictive dollar aisle. Now, there’s yet another reason to love the bull’s-eye: the store’s beyond-cute kid home brand, Pillowfort, has come out with a line of sensory-friendly kids’ furniture and decor, made especially for the littles in your life who may need that extra touch of comfort.

Target is no stranger to inclusive design, with adaptive and sensory-friendly clothing collections already under its belt. Pillowfort’s new line aims to create safe and fun home spaces for kiddos with increased sensory needs. Thoughtfully designed furniture items and accessories are made to accommodate increased motion, tactile exploration and the wear and tear of (very!) active play, for happy kids and parents alike. And while such specialty pieces often don't come cheap, these are as affordable (with nothing over $100) as they are adorable — we’re talking huggable fruity floor cushions, smiley-face tents and washable weighted blankets. Here is everything we’re ogling from the collection:

Cocoon Seat, $74.99

With its snuggly, squishy seat, this inviting stuffed chair comes in three soothing colors and is a supremely cozy take on the bean bag, making for the perfect reading corner or cuddle spot. A liquid-resistant liner protects from inevitable spills, and the velvety machine-washable cover zips off for easy clean-up.

Rocking Activity Chair, $49.99

Got a little one who has trouble settling down long enough for homework or even a meal? A chair that enables motion instead of restricting it can help. Rock it out in one of these clean-lined rocking chairs that easily complement your minimalist decor and are a breeze to wipe down. Choose from an activity chair or a higher-back desk chair option.

Crash Pad, $49.99

If you're tired of the onslaught of jumping and crashing on your couches, you'll love this soft foam crash pad that makes for a dedicated soft landing place for all that running, bouncing and plain-old rolling around. It's easy to drag to wherever the action is taking place, and the removable cover can be tossed in the washer or just wiped clean.

Hideaway Tent, $49.99

For kids who enjoy the feel of smaller spaces or need a sensory break, this affordable and roomy tent is the ideal cozy hideout. Pop it up anywhere, anytime, for instant privacy without the need to transition to a different room. The tent is big enough to fit a desk and chair for quiet homework time, and comes with two cord ports to plug in electronics, a hanging light hook and an on-the-go carrying case.

Sensory Floor Cushions, $29.99

Floor pillows are a must for every kid and teen space, and Target nails it with these playful pieces made extra fun with a mix of touchable textures. Pick up a fuzzy pineapple with a satiny, satisfyingly crinkly crown, a bright yellow star or a plush pink flower to toss around, hug tight or just chill on.

Waterproof Weighted Blanket, $49.99

Weighted blankets have gained a major following for their soothing heaviness that has been shown to calm, reduce anxiety, and induce restful zzzs. Most conventional versions have tended to be considerably pricey, bulky and cumbersome to keep clean. Pillowfort’s take on the comforting favorite addresses all the less-appealing factors: This practical and waterproof 6-pound duvet rings up under $50, and comes with a plush tie-on cover that can be tossed in the wash.

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