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This Week's Must-Reads from Around the Web, April 17

Published on: December 30, 2013

0511_bookworms_reg1-150x150Editor’s note: This is a weekly digest of stories we’re following — trends, news you can use and provocative parenting reads. Do you have a good read for us? Write

1. In the wake of the mommy-wars skirmish between Hilary Rosen and Ann Romney (if you missed it, Rosen accused SAHM mom-of-five Romney of "never working a day in her life"), Motherlode examines a provocative new book guaranteed to fan the flames even higher:  The Conflict: How Modern Motherhood Undermines the Status of Women.

2. Forget "his" and "hers" and "boys" and "girls." Sweden, which already leads the way in parental leave and proportion of women in the workforce, has now added a gender-neutral pronoun to its language in a push for not just gender equality but gender neutrality.

3. Slate reports on new research regarding the age-old debate about whether screen time is making our kids fat — with a surprising conclusion.

4. Heartwarming story of the week: The sharp eyes of a young boy visiting the Woodland Park Zoo  result in a baby penguin rescue.

5. Researchers at Seattle Children's uncover a critical factor in reducing childhood obesity. (Hint: it has more to do with zip code than genetic code.)

6. What's the healthiest breakfast? Healthland gathers the advice of the experts.

7. Seattle Mama Doc reports on a proven method for soothing babies after shots.

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