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8 Trader Joe’s Dinner Hacks for Busy Families

Affordable recipes and meal shortcuts made with your favorite ingredients from TJ’s

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Published on: April 28, 2021

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Trader Joe’s is one of our favorite places to go for healthy and delicious ingredients. But when life gets busy, the last thing you want to do is make the family dinner from scratch — and now you don’t have to! TJ’s has a ton of flavorful dinner shortcuts. We’ve rounded up a list of affordable-to-make recipes that feature handy TJ’s hacks, from premade sauces to pre-seasoned meats and so much more. 

1. Garlic naan flatbreads

For a quick pizza dinner, try this recipe from The Kitchn that features three TJ’s staples: frozen garlic naan, vacuum-packed marinated veggies and your favorite shredded cheese blend. Throw them together, bake in the oven for 15 minutes later — et voilà! Fancy pizza for the win. 

2. 15-minute chicken and quinoa skillet

A flavorful and healthy skillet in less than 20 minutes? Yes, please! Featuring TJ’s rich tomato arrabiata sauce, precooked chicken sausages and lots of veggies, this quick quinoa skillet recipe from Plays Well With Butter is a lifesaver. 

3. Chicken satay with peanut sauce

Chicken on a stick is way more interesting to the kiddos than chicken that isn’t on a stick. This chicken satay recipe from Club Trader Joe’s is guaranteed to please the littles. Featuring TJ’s yellow curry sauce and creamy peanut butter, this dinner is simple and oh so yum. 

4. Easy carne asada with pepper and corn salad

Pre-seasoned meat is just the beginning of the genius TJ’s shortcuts in this carne asada recipe from My Everyday Table. With precooked onions, peppers and corn and a sprinkling of TJ’s feta, these flavors are sure to please. 

5. Pot sticker stir-fry

The Kitchn is back with a fab three-ingredient recipe for stir-fry that’s sinfully easy. Just throw together TJ’s pot stickers, premixed stir-fry veggies and gyoza dipping sauce — that’s it! Check out the full post for cooking instructions. 

6. Greek salad with grilled chicken

Sometimes a simple summer salad really hits the spot, and when you’re in the mood for fresh flavors with minimal prep, the Petite Chef Blog has got you covered. This grilled chicken salad features TJ’s dreamy feta dressing, cauliflower tabbouleh, eggplant spread, fresh veggies and a prep time of just 10 minutes. 

7. Cauliflower gnocchi with bruschetta sauce and sausage

Bright, bold flavors that come together with just 10 minutes of work? It doesn’t sound possible, but The Modern Proper found a way. TJ’s cauliflower gnocchi and bruschetta sauce combine to create a low-carb stovetop masterpiece. Get the full rundown over on the blog. 

8. Lentil tikka masala 

TJ’s vegan tikka masala simmer sauce, steamed lentils and cauliflower rice are the basis of this easy and healthy meatless meal. My Everyday Table has the full instructions — and suggests serving this flavorful dinner with a side of naan and mango chutney. Yum!

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