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Unexpected Joys: Top 20 Toys for 2020

Toys that focus on unplugged fun, soothing sensory experiences and neighborhood play

Malia Jacobson

Published on: October 30, 2020

father and son doing a puzzle on the floor

Cool toys for weird times

This year may not have turned out the way you’d planned. In fact, it probably veered so far off course that it required an entirely new road map. But while 2020 presented significant challenges, it also offered some unexpected gifts in the form of curbside pickup, pen pals, neighborhood walks and more time at home with loved ones.

While we’ve been busy building resilience and baking sourdough, toy whisperers have been hard at work reinventing their collections and finding new ways to connect with customers. “Online shopping is a new venture for us, because we didn’t have a website before this year,” says Brittney Geleynse, co-owner of Clover Toys in Ballard. “We’re very excited and we’re still adding to it!”

The newest batch of toys and games focus on philanthropy, unplugged fun, soothing sensory experiences and neighborhood play. Read on for our top toy picks from this topsy-turvy year.

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