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Unexpected Joys: Top 20 Toys for 2020

Toys that focus on unplugged fun, soothing sensory experiences and neighborhood play

Malia Jacobson

Published on: October 30, 2020

Unexpected Joys: Top 20 Toys for 2020


Teen Years (ages 13+)

MasterPieces Seek & Find 1,000-Piece Puzzle, $16

Puzzles are a perennial pastime that’s newly popular in 2020. This 1,000-piece puzzle offers an additional challenge hidden in the artwork to take your teen’s puzzle puttering to the next level.

Eat2explore Global Cooking Kit, $24.95

This monthly subscription kit brings world cuisine to your kitchen with recipes from a new country each month — perfect for a homebound teenager dreaming of global travel.

Incohearent – Family Edition by What Do You Meme?, $20

The PG version of the best-selling Incohearent game, this family-friendly edition features 500 cards for hours of family giggles. Players 12 and older compete to decode gibberish phrases until one player wins … or everyone collapses from laughing, whichever comes first.

Buffalo Games Apollo: A Game Inspired by the NASA Moon Missions, $29.99

From May’s SpaceX shuttle launch to July’s visit from the NEOWISE comet, 2020 sparked new interest in astronomy. This cooperative strategy game inspired by NASA moon missions allows players to walk in the footsteps of NASA pioneers. Teams collaborate to complete flight stages, overcome obstacles, repair spacecraft and finish their mission.

Magneto Slot Machine Longboard, $79.99

With more people taking to streets and sidewalks, it’s no surprise that the longboard trend has picked up speed during COVID-19. Similar to skateboards and well-suited to cruising and racing, longboards are more popular than ever. This new release features a lengthwise slot running through the board’s center. The slot helps the board flex while in motion, for improved turning, better traction and more stability when pushing off.

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