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Weekly Catch-Up: 5 Tidbits of News You Can Use

News and recommendations to know about this week

Kate Missine

Published on: November 29, 2021

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Happy Monday!

As December rolls in, the unfortunate news on many of our minds is the omicron variant, and whether it will upend the holiday season. While we don’t yet have all the answers, the Washington State Department of Health says not to panic for now. But do get vaccinated and go for a booster if you haven't yet and are due for one — here is where to find that third shot

News icon Local news

If you were planning to make a trek out east for the seasonal festivities in the Bavarian-themed village of Leavenworth, keep in mind things will look a little different this year in order to keep crowding down. Here is what's changing for the annual festival. 

Got a kiddo approaching high school age who is interested in the marine industry? They may be interested in checking out this innovative new school, which is training the next generation of maritime professionals. 

Read Something for mom to read

If you feel like this parenting gig doesn't leave much time for reading — or even tying two thoughts together — mother of four Zibby Owens is with you. That's why each of the 52 essays in her new book “Moms Don't Have Time to Have Kids: A Timeless Anthology” is short enough to keep a multitasking mom's attention span. Forty-nine bestselling authors contribute pieces on pertinent topics, from caretaking to body image to female friendships, that are comforting, extremely relatable and (best of all) quick! 

Film icon Something for the family to watch

Kick off your holiday movie lineup with this heartwarming new Netflix feature. “A Boy Called Christmas” follows the adventures of a boy named Nikolas who sets out on a Northern trek in search of his father and comes upon a magical elf village. Browse more family-friendly picks for December here.

Listen-icon Something to listen to

Didn’t I Just Feed You” is well worth a listen. If you haven't uttered this podcast's name out loud as a parent, you've probably thought it at least once. Feeding kids endless meals and snacks is relentless work — and culinary mavens Meghan and Stacie are here to make it easier — and funnier — with recipes, tips, advice and more. Getting your holiday baking game on? Don’t miss this delicious episode

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