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Hyla School

Experiential and purposeful education for grades 6-12 at two campuses on Bainbridge Island.

Hyla School

Adolescence is a time of dynamic developmental work and inspiring potential. We make the most of this time by providing an individualized and experiential program that serves the whole person.

In grades 6-8, identity and voice emerge as students use their natural curiosity to think critically and wisely and find heartfelt joy and interest in learning. In grades 9-12, students embark on a meaningful academic path that builds toward their interests and goals with rigor (defined as deep thinking, not workload), relevance (authentic, real-world learning), and impact (purposeful application of knowledge and ideas).

Hyla is a caring community where close connections with teachers provide the right balance of challenge and support so that students achieve and grow with character, integrity, and purpose.