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Lake Washington Boulevard: "Keep Moving Street" - Extended!

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Update: This 3-mile stretch will remain a Keep Moving Street through the week of October 5!

More space to walk, roll and bike! After a five-day pilot at the end of June, and based on community feedback and observations, Lake Washington Boulevard is opening again to people walking, rolling and biking — plus those driving to local destinations. Vehicle access is limited to local residents, deliveries, emergency vehicles and public utilities. This decision comes in an effort to create more opportunities for recreation close to home while keeping 6 feet apart.  

The route, along Lake Washington Boulevard between Lake Park Drive South (at the north end) and Seward Park (at the south end) matches the route of the popular Bicycle Sundays program, replaced for 2020 with this 24-hour/7-day per week access. Two new temporary ADA parking spaces have been added at both ends, supplementing the dedicated all-accessible parking lot at Seward Park. With the exception of ADA access, Seward Park's parking lot remains closed, along with parking lots at other major parks around Seattle.

Image credit: TIA International Photography

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