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Create Your Own Year of the Rabbit Craft to Hide Around Tacoma!

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Join us for this special event as we GO *ROGUE and create Year of the Rabbit crafts to hide around Tacoma! We will have multiple crafting stations available including button-making, stamping, and more. Create your own design or use one of the designs we will have available, including exclusive rabbit art created by local Tacoma artists!

This activity is inspired by the city-wide scavenger hunt known as Monkeyshines. Monkeyshines is an annual Tacoma treasure hunt that takes place during the Lunar New Year. The mysterious Ms. Monkey and crew create hand-blown glass art pieces (inspired by that year’s corresponding zodiac animal) and hide them all around the city of Tacoma for lucky folks to find! Talented people around town have unofficially joined in on the fun (with Ms. Monkey’s approval) and have started creating their own unique arts & crafts to hide. These folks are known as *rogues!

Event Details