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National Engineers Week

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Engineering in all forms is at play during National Engineers Week!

PacSci is open all week and all activities are included in general admission. See activities below.

Can You Wing It?
Head to Tinker Tank to design paper wings for a 3D printed airplane, conduct flight tests of their designs, and iterate using different wing shapes.

Agents of Discovery Mission: Let’s Get Innovative!
Search the PacSci exhibit halls and scan QR codes to uncover big ideas that have changed the world!

Hands-On Activities & Exhibits
Explore a variety of hands-on activities and use your engineering skills to solve problems with PacSci educators.

February 18    Design a Circuit
Explore how electricity works by designing circuits with representatives from the Washington Society of Professional Engineers,

Postcards to Space
Design a postcard with Blue Origin Club for the Future that will be launched into space on a New Shepard rocket, stamped “Flown to Space,” and returned it to you.

Panel Discussion with Engineers
Join a panel conversation to get inspired about engineering careers and learn about the thought processes and principles required for engineers to solve real world problems. (1:30 p.m. at the Live Science Stage in Building 1)

February 20 & 22    Seattle Universal Math Museum
Explore the intersection of math and Engineering with Seattle Universal Math Museum

February 20–21    Hands-On Activities with Science on Wheels
Design, test, and redesign with PacSci’s traveling outreach program, Science on Wheels. Try building a bridge, completing circuits, and exploring a sample of our mobile hands-on exhibits.

February 24    Meet with IF/THEN Scientists
Meet two IF/THEN scientists: Gracie Ermi, a machine learning scientist at Washington D.C.-based geospatial monitoring company Impact Observatory, and Jessica Fagerstrom, Ph.D., a medical physicist at the University of Washington, ensuring that radiation is delivered safely and effectively.
PacSci exhibit Science for Everyone features six statues from IfThenSheCan – The Exhibit, a national exhibit featuring 120 statues, called the largest 3D-printed exhibit of its kind, which debuted at the Smithsonian in 2022.

Hear from STEM Pals
Get inspired with University of Washington STEM Pals while exploring passive mechanics and the role of hydrogels in drug delivery.

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