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Sowing the Seeds of STEM & Inquiry-Based Learning

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All children possess the underlying thinking dispositions and knowledge to succeed in a STEM-driven economy and world. And as change agents in our programs, we must think innovatively about ways to engage and challenge children in order to prepare them for their futures.

This workshop will equip you with the tools to bring STEM-infused learning experiences into your settings while whetting children's appetites to learn more, design more, and solve problems in more creative ways. 

Geared towards those working with children from Infancy to 3rd grade (including parents of young children), this workshop will help us "non-scientist," understand how to utilize children's curiosity and inquiry, questioning and skepticism, assessment and analysis to build brain architecture and lay the foundation of STEM & Inquiry-Based Learning. 

So if you ever uttered or thought the words "young children" and "science" don't belong together, think again. 

The time is now to challenge our systems and structures, and to challenge ourselves to think differently, teach differently, and lead differently. 

Pre-registration is required (limited number of tickets available at the door). Please bring your STARS number to receive credit. 4 STARS hours are included. Register at or email workshop organizer Mike Browne at

Event Details