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ParentMap Magazine

February 2022

When we crack open the seal of a new year, it’s customary to wrestle with resolutions (maybe we should call them new year’s wrestle-utions?). But self-improvement on even a modest scale is hard, so in 2022, let’s agree that what every family needs is a joy break a day to keep the doldrums away — easy, instant diversions guaranteed to spark delight!

Research shows that taking just a 10–15-minute break during the day to summon joy helps you to feel more productive, motivated and resilient — and connected with your loved ones. There are a zillion ways to trigger joy, and your kids will naturally guide you to them (No. 1: Puddle jump!), so challenge them to come up with your family’s list of go-to joy breaks.

To prime the pump, you’ll find within the pages of our February issue nifty ideas for getting out and about with the kids, popping away for an off-season getaway, celebrating Lunar New Year, getting crafty and more!