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5 Trendy Tutorial Sites for Your Crafty Kid

DIY tassel earrings, macrame handbags, woven wall art and more

Kate Missine

Published on: January 24, 2020

cute girl knitting

Not Your grandma's craft

If the thought of knitting or crocheting brings grandmas to mind, think again. The fiber arts are making a comeback with an unlikely audience — your tween.

Working with textiles is the kind of hands-on activity that will benefit your kid in so many ways. These crafts are wonderful for improving fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, creativity, patience and even STEM skills. For atypical learners, they can also provide focus and calm. Plus, who doesn’t love a handmade masterpiece you can actually wear or display?

Whether your kiddo already has a textile craft they know and love, or have never tried it before, we've scoped out 10 awesome sites, blogs and channels to inspire them. From nostalgic needle felting to operating a loom, follow these masters for ideas that will get them knotting, threading and creating in no time. 

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